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PU analysis - quickly seized chromatography
Release time:2015/4/12 15:48:20
Lysed using gas chromatography (PGC), also known as thin-layer chromatography and thin layer chromatography (TLC) combination, only about 0.1g (precisely 110mg) PU glue-like, the fastest PU can get pretty deep in about 1 hour composition or synthetic information.

Vapor pyrolysis gas chromatography
Generally speaking, can not be considered separately for gas chromatographic analysis of polymer materials. But the company by gas pyrolysis gas chromatography, after special modulation and development, a qualitative analysis of various types of rubber or plastic types of finished products, including analysis of the composition of the PUR parts.
On the PU, the gas-phase pyrolysis initial peaks on the other different types of plastic, so qualitative difficult.
Depth resolution also made some real progress. For example, multi-polyol category / composition resolution: as long as the structure of the polyester-based soft segment containing adipic acid, its lysate cyclopentanone strong characteristic peaks; 1,4-butanediol and ethylene glycol can be visualized resolution; PTMG and PPG, copolymers need to distinguish between fine ... So by gas chromatography can be roughly cracking PUR clear common soft segments.

But PUR TDI isomers in MOCA and other components (parts), although can GPC (gel liquid chromatography), but the price is relatively expensive and tedious operation, our biochemical studies using commonly used thin-layer chromatography, get a good result.
TLC also known as thin-layer chromatography (abbreviated TLC), and column chromatography considerable role.
The adsorbent or support agent Fitted glass plate into a thin layer, gel-like solution after treatment was effective, which drip onto the TLC plate and as the developing solvent adsorbent expand ... because a developing solvent and sorbent (ingredients ) solubility and adsorption capacity of various different substances (or structure), the latter appears to expand a different color, a different color of the spots (spot area is based on the relative quantification of each respective material)

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